I guess this is a window into the desk of Donny. Since I am going to Holland and I will not have my phone I am using this for most of my contact with St. Louis.I will try to keep this up to date every few days, post pictures, experiences and chart my everyday life in holland and europe over those eight weeks. I hopefully will post my day to days on here as well.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hecticly waiting for fall break

I never post in here, so i thought i would just for once. Things are going well, I have been quite busy lately with finals and midterms only a few weeks apart everything has been hectic. But I think things are slowing down now. I have a few more papers to finish up, and to start and then I will be in the clear. Then I will have fall break to rest and relax while the dorms are empty and people are away. I am looking forward to a week of quiet and peace.
Regardless there is a party tonight that I should be getting to.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

just a quick one

I am in the middle of a class right now so this isn't going to be a long entry. I have been a little sick this week, stuffy nose and the like, but psydophedrine has gottten me though. I Haven't done much all week, tonight at 11 about twelve kids are going to octoberfest in Munich and i really would like to go, you know once in a life time and such, but i dont have extra money like that. I have some work i should focus on as well though, so it isn't all bad.
Got to go, i will update tomorrow with more.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

stuffed peppers and drunkiness.

Hello. It's Sunday. I just finished my paper on International Relations and now i am getting ready to study some Dutch and go out tonight for a few hours. Last night we went to the cojacabana(sp? in dutch..wierd) for a girl from websters 21 and angie you would have been loving it, there was a stripper at the bar. pretty much drank all night, which led me to dance all night which led me to sweat all night (It must have been ahundred and ten inside) and then everyone cam back to Kstraat and we hung out here. now i am tired and i woke up stale drunk this morning. but the good news is i only spendt five euros. for dinner last night i made stuffed peppers and quesidillas. mucho bueno.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

All the Cardinal's games

So last night we went to the bar to meet some girls from webster, So we drank a few and after a while this guy started hitting on my friend, and you could see she was clearly uncomfortable and she indicated that our friend, you know play the boyfriend for a minute, and he did, and then the guy goes on about how insecure all american men are with thier women and the like. but it was great because our other friendhad over heard him speaking spanish earlier so she pretty much told him what was up in spanish and such. but she totally caught him by suprise with the spanish and was like "she doesn't want you here-go away." pretty much. it was sweet.
so after that happening, the girls wanted to go dancing and we really didn't, so instead after a few of them went in to dance we went to Sianai's to eat something and drink some beer.
After our meal we continued on the way to the dorms and as we turn the corner I see sitting in the middle of the sidewalk lit up by a street light like it was in spotlight,,,,a nice baturus 3 speed bike, with handbrakes and a quality copper/brown finish. No lock; no wheel lock or chain. So after a microsecond of internal struggle I decided that if I didn't take this obviously abandoned bike, on the sidewalk of a street where no shops or bars or stores were open for at least 400 meters someone else would and this bike was destined to be mine, and now I have it. Which brings me to today.
Me and andy rode around Leiden all morning chilling on our bikes, we went to the park and I talked to this Dutch girl for about 25 minutes trying to get her number but that didn't work and we decided to see what the girls were up to. They weren't home, but we called them and they were at a park I had never been to.(that one with the statue, apparently.) so We eventually found the place and chilled on the yard for a while with them.
Around six, We decided to head back to the dorms and see what what brewing and decided to cook some dinner. Andy cooked noodles and they were the bomb. good eatings tomorrow as well. Then we were sitting around trying to decide what to do and we decide to watch a movie, but we decided to call the girls first.
So I am walking back to my room to get the phone to call Veronica and invite them over the phone starts to ring. It is Veronica and she asks me if we are at our dorms. I say Yes and she says good, then let us in. freaky. like a single brain length. So i let them in and we watched family guys and chilled to some music for a bit before they headed back. Oh yeah also I now get all the stl Cardinal games in my dorm room on my computer. my friend has the online subscription, and i have his password. Sweet.
Other then that nothing new is going on, I just finished my dutch homework, and need to go get the book tomorrow for the class. I have an IR paper to write tomorrow but my week is looking to be pretty solid. Regards,

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News Update

Hello. early Tuesday morning, and I am just waking up, I have to read a chapter for my class tonight and write a precis on it so this will be a pretty short entry. Today we got new internet connection, and I am pretty excited about the speedy new connection. School is good I have a new class this week called Africa: The Empire Strikes Back. So I am excited about that. No other news to report My classes are going well, and I am having fun. I have an appointment with my advisor and I will talk to him about a bunch of things, like residency while I am here, and internships(I think there is one in the Haag for the ITCY), also I need to follow up on that whole Health insurance thing while I am here. Other than that things are going well, allthough I wish that my loan would come through and I could breath easier about that. I really need to get a bike so I can get around more, and also some minutes on my phone.
Last night Veronica and Joyce had dinner/ a party and it was delicious/ awesome. There was curry chicken, pesto, pasta, salad, beer(hineken and amstel), wine, ice cream, and pie. it was great.
Mark I have met another icon, well a bunch of them but this kid might take the cake. He reminds me so much of screetch its not even funny. I am going to have to have video of this kid for full effect. then he will be knighted on the spot.
Keep on keepin' on.

Monday, August 29, 2005

the uneventful weekend.

Hello today is monda, and it has been a long weekend. On friday we had a BBQ at school, and I volenteered to man the grill, which was good because i got unlimited food, and unlimited beer. Needless to say when the BBQ ended around midnight I stumbbled drunk to the Krueg and kept drinking until late in the morning. On Saturday I woke up feeling awesome(not joking, no hang over) and we began planning the ignugural K-Straat dinner party. We cooked all the left over meat we brought home plus I made some mac and cheese and we got beers. lots of them and the girls from skelp. came over and we partied until late in the morning again. On suday I woke up around two and was hanging out at LP around 430 when Eian(sp?) came by and we walked over to Skelp, where he lives and played video games for a bit, then I went downstairs to Veronica and Joyce's room to find out if veronica had found my key(I lost it the night before, but I've found it since then.) she didn't but her and joyce came over to use the internet and I rode Joyce around on the back of her bike(its not that hard gina, gosh trust me) and we went to K-Straat, where I did nothing the rest of the night except watch The Man Who Knew Too Little(instant classic. Mom send 'Old School' the movie when you send the package I want to watch that, and tommy boy, but my copy of that is at Kathryn's house. Maybe I'll have Jennie get it from her, or we could buy a dvd.
Regards I am about finished with this entry. I would like to say happy birthday to Annie, and I am sorry I was late but i haven't had excess to a phone during normal waking hours.
Regardless Peace and Love

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just settled in.

Hello again, I am back to speak to my adoring fans. the first week of school is up and things are great so far, I got my books, and I have beed BUDGETING. It is hard but I have been rigorous in my attempts so I will see if in the end I succeed. I have had two of my three classes, because my Wendsday class didn't meet this week. I am excited about school, it sounds interesting, and I think that I may be able to finish in a year, if I hustle. I am missing the cardinal games, and this saddens me, especially as we near the post season, in what will, hopefully, be our year.
Well goodbye for now.